Dear clients, the company KONTESA-LK offers you a wide range of services for real estate owners in Montenegro!


  • The first step after buying an apartment or the house is furnishing the bought real-estate
  • For all clients who have purchased real estate through our agency, the price of our services for furnishing will be 10% of the price of purchased furniture and of the remodeling that has been done in the real estate.
  • Many years of experience and a large number of satisfied customers can speak in our name. In this way, we will save you time and money!
  • Consulting in getting the temporary staying a in Montenegro based on ownership of the real estate or by opening a company in Montenegro
  • Opening companies in Montenegro
  • Applying for Urbanistic Technical Conditions for the plots in Urbanism
  • Getting the building permits
  • Designing and supervising the construction or reconstruction of your real estate
  • Getting the usage permits
  • Legalization of real estates
  • Renovation of residential buildings
  • Maintenance of real estate
  • Real estate rental
  • Paying bills (electricity, water, utilities, annual taxes) for your real estate
  • Organization of weddings and baptisms
  • Rent-a-Car Services